mom&enfant-moonlight hospital
Mom&Enfant-No Kids Zone
Mom&Enfant-Emergency Situation
Mom & Enfant-Instrument Match
Mom & Enfant-Car Seat
Medicine leaflet
Emart culture center
Emart culture center cover Winter
Emart culture center cover
Jihak Home Economics Text Book
Specialized Winter Game - Poster
Lotte-magazine cover December 2013
GongZone magazine cover Winter
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Vatech WithZine Autumn
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For Kyobo Website Main
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Korea Federation of Banks -magazine cover March 2013
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Hyundai Company Newspaper
Lotte-magazine cover January 2013
Korea Federation of Banks -magazine cover January 2013
Dokpyeong magazine cover January 2013
Lotteria-magazine cover 11+12
Kia-The missionary of Korean culture
Korea Federation of Banks -magazine cover December
Kia magazine-Self Improvement
Korea Federation of Banks -magazine cover November
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Kia magazine-Global Leader
Korea Federation of Banks -magazine cover October
Kia magazine-Vacation Home
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Musical Dalcom Poster
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Kia magazine-Family Health
Lady KyoungHyang magazine-8th-Kids Room
Kia magazine-Cruise Tour
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Kia magazine-Family Hiking
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Hyundai Amco magazine-may+june
Kia magazine-Family Exhibition
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Kia magazine-Return to Farming
Catholic weekly newspaper(Uijeongbu)
Lady KyoungHyang magazine
Kia magazine-Family Concert
Chungo Diet Food Package Illust
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Visang Korean Book Cover
Cyworld Open Skin - Cafe story
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